These are some brief notes that hopefully will guide you through the stages of selling a property.
  1. On receipt of initial instructions from yourself, the client, we will write to you to confirm your instructions and confirm this firmís terms of business. We will need confirmation of the price you have agreed for your property, whether or not the purchaser is buying any additional items, and whether or not there are any other special terms you have agreed with the purchaser. If you have a mortgage we will also need the details of the lender.
  2. We will ask you to complete a Sellers Property Information Form and a Fixtures Fittings and Contents Form. The Sellers Property Information contains information about the property i.e. responsibility for boundaries, details of any building work, details of any guarantees etc. The Fixtures Fittings and Contents Form provides details about what you are taking and leaving at the property.
  4. We will request your deeds. If the property is registered we will apply for up to date office copy entries and filed plan from the Land Registry.
  5. We will then forward the contract papers to your purchaserís solicitor. This package will consist of a contract, completed Sellers Property Information Form and Fixtures Fittings and Contents Form and documents referred to i.e. guarantees. We also send a copy of your title.
  6. If you have a mortgage we will obtain an up-to-date redemption statement.
  7. We will deal with the enquiries raised by the purchaser solicitor.
  8. When the purchaser is ready i.e. satisfied with the title and replies to any enquiries raised and is in receipt of their mortgage offer (if applicable). If there is a related transaction and this is at the same stage they will be in a position to exchange contracts.
  9. We will ask you to come into the office to sign the contract.
  10. Then when all the parties in the chain have formally agreed the completion date and are ready contracts will be exchanged. At this point and not until then you will be legally bound to complete you sale on the date agreed.
  11. On the completion date we will receive the completion money from the purchaserís solicitor. We will discharge your mortgage (if applicable), pay the estate agents, pay your legal costs and any disbursements and transfer any sum needed to finance any purchase you have at the same time. If there is any balance due to yourself we will account to you directly.
At D K Macbryde & Co we make every effort to guide you through this conveyancing process with as much ease as possible.