Specialists in Wills, Probates and Trusts

Making a will

This can be a simple matter, but how often have we at D K Macbryde heard the words

"I did not think that was the case or I did not know that"

So, as the cost of making most wills at D K Macbryde & Co is inexpensive, is it worth the risk of not sorting out your wishes clearly  whilst also having the benefit of our experience?.

“Your will is your last opportunity to express your wishes”

For further information on Wills go to our Fact Sheet on Making a will.


Proving a Will in the Probate Court and administering the estate or dealing with the estate of a person who does not leave a Will ( e.g. obtaining a Grant of Letters of  Administration) is an area of work D K Macbryde have been involved in for three quarters of a century. Our expertise can help you understand and manage the various changes in the Law and the procedures adopted by banks, building societies and local authorities.

David Macbryde joined the firm of T Morris Dowell in 1969 and from 1982 ran the practice as a sole practitioner for many years.  He is the senior partner in the practice and specialises in Commercial Conveyancing, Probate Matters, Wills, Trusts and Enduring Powers of Attorney.