These are some brief notes that hopefully will guide you through the stages of buying a property.

  1. On receipt of initial instructions from yourself, the client, we will write to you to confirm your instructions and confirm this firmís terms of business. We will need confirmation of the price you have agreed to pay, whether or not you are buying any additional items, how you intend to finance the purchase and whether or not there are any other special terms you have agreed with the seller.
  2. We will then receive from the sellerís solicitor the contract papers. The contract papers will include a draft contract, a copy of the sellerís title together with plan, this should include details of any covenants or rights which affect the property. We should also receive completed Sellers Property Information Form and Fixtures Fittings and Contents Form. The Sellers Property Information should contain information about the property i.e. responsibility for boundaries, details of any building work etc. The Fixtures Fittings and Contents Form provides details about what the seller is taking and leaving.
  3. On receipt of contract papers we will raise enquiries and send copies of the paperwork to you.
  4. We will undertake the appropriate searches at the council and other relevant authorities. If it is necessary we will raise further enquiries on the result of these searches.
  5. If you are having a mortgage the lender will carry out itís own valuation. You are advised to have a more detailed survey done for your own benefit as it is the buyerís responsibility to discover any physical defects in the property.
  6. If you are having a mortgage it will probably take a couple of weeks for the lender to issue the mortgage offer. There will usually be conditions and legal requirements that we must comply with before contracts can be exchanged.
  7. On receipt of the result of searches and satisfactory replies to the enquiries raised and your mortgage offer (if applicable) we will ask you to come into the office to go through the paperwork, sign the contract and pay the deposit in readiness for exchange of contracts.
  8. You will need to arrange the buildings insurance and we will require written confirmation from the insurance company that the insurance has been accepted before exchange of contracts.
  9. Then once the seller and all the parties in the chain have formally agreed the completion date and are ready contracts will be exchanged. At this point and not until then you will be legally bound to complete you purchase on the date agreed (pay the balance to complete to the seller and move into the property).
  10. Once the contracts have been exchanged we will prepare the final account which will include our costs, disbursements and any monies required from you to complete you purchase. We must receive from you the balance to complete as cleared funds prior to completion.
  11. On the completion date will organise the transfer of the money to the sellerís solicitor. On receipt of this money the sellerís solicitor will authorise the release of the keys.
  12.  We will then deal with the payment of your stamp duty land tax and register your ownership at the HM Land Registry and deal with your lenders legal requirements (if applicable).

At D K Macbryde & Co we make every effort to guide you through this conveyancing process with as much ease as possible.